CBD Isolate v.2

CBD Isolate v.2 represents an enhanced version of CBD isolate achieved through additional refinement processes. These processes aim to further eliminate impurities, resulting in a product with even higher purity levels, often exceeding 99% CBD. Additionally, CBD Isolate v.2 may undergo specialized techniques to reduce THC content to extremely low levels, typically less than 0.05%, while maintaining its high CBD concentration.


CBD 99%+ | THC 0.0%

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Formula: C21H30O2

Molecular Weight: 314.5 g/mol

Quality Management System

OSHA Compliance

Superlative Quality & Compliance

Food Grade Certification

Fire Safety Compliance


Product Specifications:

Cannabinoid profile

≥ 99%+ CBD

Minor Cannabinoid Content

No minor

Finished Product Compatibility

Oil-Based Formulation

What does it look like?

White crystalline powder

What is its consistency?

Coarse powdered crystal


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